We are continuing our recent look into blockchain-based storage services such as Storj and crypto coins that are mineable with HDD such as Burst with another similar service that is more like Storj and Burst combined into one – the Sia. This project offers users to store files in the cloud using other users’ free disk space and people with free disk space to earn something extra by providing it to the network. Sia uses SiaCoin, a crypto currency token that is used for getting contracts to store your files as well as to get paid for sharing your free disk space. The SiaCoin is also available for mining in a more traditional way, so you might want to try that as well as an alternative way for obtaining the crypto currency token used by the service instead of trading it on an exchange. Some good places to trade Sia (SC) include二进制,Hit金沙注册开户送BTC,BittrexLiveCoin。到目前为止,一切都很高兴有希望,特别是考虑SIA已经已经运营了一个工作网络,尽管仍然在Beta,用户托管和购买空间以及采矿。问题是它的所有作品如何,它值得花费时间和自由空间甚至在此时挖掘,我们想知道这一点......

The Sia wallet integrates all of the basic functionality you need in order to operate with the service including the options to create contracts and upload files as well as to access them or to lease your free disk space to users needing such. This means that the wallet needs to be running all the time and that goes as well if you want to be able to mine SiaCoins as well. Currently SiaCoins can be mined using a GPU miner, an OpenCL one that works on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, though it should be faster on AMD-based video cards. You can expect to get up to about 900 MHs from a Radeon 280X or a GeForce GTX 970 as a reference, but do note that the miner for Sia is also pretty CPU intensive, so if running with multiple GPUs the hashrate may slow down if the CPU gets overloaded. So far the Sia GPU miner needs quite a lot of extra work to become really useful, there are still no pools for SiaCoin mining and you need a running and unlocked wallet on each system you want to mine Sia on. Furthermore you need to run a separate instance of the GPU miner for each GPU you want to mine the coin with, so with the current network difficulty and solo mining it may take quite a while until you hit a block, making the mining not to attractive.


为了尝试通过租用SIA网络上的一些空间来分享一些文件,您可以使用水龙头来获得一些Siacoins,但似乎龙头有一些停机,所以您可以从Poloniex购买Siacoins,他们以价格交易每个Siacoin的7个Satoshi(相当便宜)。您可以看到当前活跃的主机中的钱包中每月每个GB的平均价格是什么,以了解您可能需要花费多少费用,具体取决于您的存储需求。因此,每月每个GB的200个SiaCoins如果您需要1TB存储,您需要为其支付约0.014 BTC当量或每月超过5美元。金沙注册开户送服务加密文件,显然将它们存储在多个主机上,以确保即使其中一个主机遇到过时的停机时间也是如此。这里的问题来自SIA钱包内的管理文件不是最方便的,所以这也是作为Dropbox等替代云存储服务所需的东西,所以可以更方便地访问用户的文件。


The part where you are Hosting user files and are getting paid in SiaCoin in return is probably what more people are interested in. Here you set your price in SiaCoin per GB per month and the amount of free space you want to have available for sale and start waiting for getting contracts from people that need space. Dedicating 100 GB does not mean that they will be instantly filled at the moment even if you set a very low price of just 10 SiaCoins, it is wise to see what is the average price at the moment and base yours accordingly in order to get contracts as well as for them to be profitable. Based on your active contracts you will see what is the expected earnings that you will get at the end of the contract if you manage to fill them in. It is not very clear what level of downtime is acceptable before a contract is cancelled, but restarting the wallet a couple of times did not pose a problem for our few test contracts at a very low price. What is important here for providing Hosting services via Sia is that you need to be able to have your PC running the wallet accessible via an external IP, you can use port forwarding and the wallet supports UPnP as well. Though we’ve had a fair share of issues with connections not going through even though UPnP was working and port forwarding was just fine, leaving the wallet run for a few hours and these have disappeared by themselves. Getting your computer Hosting files on the Sia network accessible over the Internet could cause some issues for novice users and it also makes it hard to run multiple computers sharing free storage from a single external IP.