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CryptoCircuits (CIRC) is dedicated to building a community across the crypto landscape,connecting crypto people and coin communities through our advanced Circuits trading wallet environment.The CryptoCircuits wallet provides a welcoming meeting place for everyone who has crypto as part of their daily lives.Social features of the Circuits wallet include chatrooms,tipping,and encrypted private video chatting.A special chill out lounge panel includes crypto video channels,and the Crypto After Dark 24 /7 in-wallet radio stream,featuring guests and guest hosts from across the crypto landscape.

The social features of Circuits are complemented by a sophisticated crypto toolbox that includes in-wallet charting,trading hubs,live crypto news feeds,对于高级用户和交易机器人功能。On the tech side CryptoCircuits represents a major leap forward in crypto technology.Circuits features the most advanced DPOS 2 iteration engineered so far in crypto,and has allowed us to build a number of advanced staking functions and features into the Circuits wallet.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • ICO Distribution with DPOS 2.0
  • Initial Supply: 2,718,281 CIRC
  • Coin Burn: 688,118
  • New Total Supply: 2,030,143 (Before POS)
  • Distribution Method: Equal Public Crowdfunding
  • Distribution Rate: 0.00005500 Satoshi per CIRC
  • Mechanism: vDPOS using POS 2.0 Security
  • Min Stake Age: 8 hours
  • Annual POS Rate: 5%


Source Code:
at GitHub

Mining Pools:
No mining pools available,the coin was distributed via ICO and is now PoS only.

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