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There has not been an update to the public ccMiner fork by SP of his Nvidia Maxwell optimized miner for quite some time, but he has just released some optimizations and so here comes a new Windows binary compiled from the latest Git source code of the ccMiner 1.5.78-git SP-MOD fork (source)。最新版本具有许多算法中的一些小的性能改进,即X11,X13,X14,X15,X17,Nist5和Quark,因此如果您正在挖掘任何这些,您可能需要更新。Have in mind that is also a CUDA 7.5 compiled release, the latest CUDA 6.5 release of SP’s fork of ccMiner was version 74. Do note that the SP-MOD fork of ccMiner is designed for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs such as the already available GTX 750, 750 Ti as well as the newer GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti and GTX Titan X. The Windows binary release we have made available here is with support for Compute 5.0 and Compute 5.2 GPUs or with other words only for Maxwell-based Nvidia video cards compiled with CUDA 7.5 and VS2013.

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由SP从CCMiner 1.5.78-Git SP-Mod Fork的最新Git源代码编译的Windows二进制文件的新更新优化了最新的基于Maxwell的视频卡(source)。最新版本为来自WhirlPoolx的刚刚分叉的生共曲线(VNL)的新Blake256算法增加了支持。请注意,香草素使用的Blake256算法与Blakecoin使用的略有不同,因此您需要使用专门用于香草素的人!请注意,CCMiner的SP-Mod叉子专为NVIDIA Maxwell GPU而设计,例如已有的GTX 750,750 Ti以及较新的GTX 960,GTX 970,GTX 980和GTX 980 TI和GTX Titan X.Windows我们在此提供的二进制版本是支持Compute 5.0的支持,并计算5.2 GPU或仅适用于使用CUDA 7.5和VS2013编译的Maxwell的NVIDIA视频卡。

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After a crowdfunding effort to accumulate 2.5 BTC from users DJM34 has released a faster open source NeoScrypt kernel (source)。Apart from the NeoScrypt the rest is based on the latest ccMiner form from SP version 1.5.78 that uses CUDA 7.5, so it is pretty much useful only if you are mining NeoScrypt-based altcoin. We have compiled a Windows 32-bit binary of the new ccminer djm34 neoscrypt fork with faster NeoScrypt using VS2013 and CUDA 7.5 as well as CUDA 6.5 (two versions available), compatible only with Nvidia Maxwell GPUs (Compute 5.0 and 5.2). Below we have compared the Neoscrypt performance using GTX 970 of this new release with the ccMiner 1.5.74 from SP with CUDA 6.5 and ccMiner 1.5.78 from sp with CUDA 7.5 to see what is the performance gain. Note that the initial ccMiner releases from SP with CUDA 7.5 had brought a significant drop in performance in the NeoScrypt algorithm, so it was best to use 1.5.74 with CUDA 6.5 for NeoScrypt.

NeoScrypt GTX 970 hashrate performance:
– ccMiner 1.5.74 CUDA 6.5 SPMOD fork: 525 KHS
– ccMiner 1.5.78 CUDA 7.5 SPMOD fork: 275 KHS
- CCminer DJM34 NeoScrypt 6.5来自DJM34:632 KHS
– ccMiner djm34 neoscrypt 7.5 from djm34: 611 KHS


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